Official Opening of Woodthorpe Ravine Playground

On 8 November, our Parks Team celebrated the opening of the new Woodthorpe Ravine playground with teachers and pupils from Prince Edward Primary School. It was lovely to hear that most of the pupils had already started using the equipment at weekends and after school.

The headteacher and form teacher were great advocates for outdoor play and using the park for geography work. They were also keen to build stronger links to the site.

The park already has a wonderful set of natural features, including swales, ponds, boulders and engaging landforms. The new fixed playground equipment has been designed to complement the wilder park landscape adjacent to it. Benches and a bin were also included in the new designs.

Councillor for Manor Castle, Sioned-Mair Richards, also attended and joined in the fun along with Antony Askins from Sheffield City Council Parks, Sophie O’Brien from the Local Area Committee, and Jo – the sales rep from HAGS.

This was a lovely completion to a partnership project that was delayed by the COVID pandemic. It’s also another big tick for our Parks Team in bringing everyone together to get the playground beautifully designed and delivered for the local community. Funds for the playground had come in part from the new housing development next to the park and CIL monies.