We offer hands on history school workshops covering national curriculum linked subjects The Tudors, Castles, Stone Age and Local History studies. A school trip to Sheffield Manor Lodge is a fun filled day full of practical, immersive learning.

Key Stage 1 and 2

The Tudors, Castles and Local History

Three children aged 4 - 7 sit in a Tudor stone fireplace. There is a grate in the background which glows red with red light that represents fire. The girl on the left smiles while looking slightly off camera. She wears purple velvet gable hood and red silky dress with a lace ruff. Her school uniform peeks underneath. The both in the middle is open mouthed with delight. He wears a red velvet cap and matching tunic with gold trim. The tunic has a lace collar. The girl on the right wears a purple and gold gable hood while smiling directly at the camera. He dress is red silk and gold with a large white ruff.

Key Stage 2

The Stone Age

Key Stage 3 and 4

The Tudors and Mary, Queen of Scots

Discover the story of Manor Lodge

Explore the fascinating story of this changing landscape and its people, from Tudor Manor to modern day estate.

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