Sustainable urban drainage schemes or systems (SuDS) are a set of practices and strategies designed to manage surface water runoff in urban areas, while minimizing the impact on the environment. Implementation of SuDS has been identified as a key approach to mitigate the negative effects of urbanisation, such as flash flooding, water pollution, and depletion of natural resources. By incorporating SuDS, cities can reduce the need for expensive and energy-intensive drainage infrastructure, while also creating more liveable and attractive urban environments for residents.

Sustainable drainage systems offer a range of environmental and economic benefits. From an environmental standpoint, they help to manage the impacts of urbanisation and reduce the risk of flooding by mimicking natural drainage systems. SuDS can also improve water quality by removing pollutants and sediment from rainwater runoff before it reaches watercourses. They can also enhance biodiversity by providing habitats for wildlife and green spaces for people to enjoy.

From an economic perspective, SuDS can help to reduce the costs of managing stormwater runoff, as well as the potential damage from flooding. They can also increase property values and attract investment by enhancing the visual appeal of an area. Additionally, the use of SuDS can also help to meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with environmental legislation.

Good sustainable urban drainage scheme design, construction, and management is a multi-disciplinary process. Our team has extensive experience, having not only been involved in the construction and management of SuDS schemes with private developers and local authorities across the UK, but also having constructed extensive SuDS schemes of our own across the portfolio of public parks that we manage in Sheffield.

There are numerous different construction and landscaping operations involved in the realisation of a SuDS scheme, including excavation, filling, grading, topsoiling, seeding, planting. The most effective delivery of a scheme can be achieved when these different operations, along with the knowledge of the unique challenges that come when these operations, are combined and delivered through a dedicated contractor. 

We are happy to discuss any SuDS schemes. Please send us a message or give us a call if you have a project you would like to discuss on 0114 267 7635.