We provide an extensive range of Resilience and Meadows Landscaping services. From Rain Gardens and Sustainable Drainage Systems to Pictorial Meadows and Green Roofs

What to expect

Your project will begin with an on-site consultation with one of our Landscape Architects / Horticulturalists who will tailor your project around your specifications and expectations. We are proud of our reputation for completing projects efficiently, professionally, safely, and to the agreed specifications.

Our soft landscaping projects are designed and specificed by trained horticulturalists who assess your individual site conditions and provide a planting scheme, either formal or informal, to suit your needs. We can even offer follow-up maintenance visits to ensure your planting is cared for.

Our build projects are completed by our highly trained and professionally accredited team, and we work with you to deliver a project that meets your expectations of timings and costs.

Our experience

Over the past 20 years we have worked on projects including largescale Pictorial Meadows, e.g. Tower of London Superbloom, sustainable drainage systems e.g. Grey to Green, local park regenerations including e.g. Manor Fields Park, and planting in public and commercial settings e.g. Mansfield SuDs Scheme. Our clients range from councils to land management companies, universities and private individuals.

The broad range of professional landscaping experience held within the company enables our team to be able to deliver landscaping projects to a consistently high standard for a wide variety of clients.