Update on works at Manor Fields Park (14 Dec 2023)

In recent months, you may have noticed some activity at Manor Fields Park. This is part of a project to install a Sustainable Urban Drainage Scheme (SuDS).

It is designed to ease pressure on Sheffield’s watercourse and sewer, and will also create a ‘wetland’ environment that will enhance biodiversity and improve visitor experience.

It was anticipated that the works would take around five months. However, more wet weather in mid-October and November – plus the start of December where approximately 80%-90% of the average rainfall for the entire month fell in just 10 days – has resulted in further delays.

No heavy machinery can move safely onsite and so work is on hold until the weather improves and the site has dried out.

To update:

• Work will not restart until January 2024 at the earliest

• We will monitor the weather and conditions at the site closely and keep you informed

• We are committed to this project and would like to assure park users that we are just as frustrated about the delays, but we are working extremely hard to find solutions to move the project forward

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

If you have any queries, please contact The Green Estate on 0114 276 2828 or email [email protected]