Our Monday night series offers a series of inspiring talks by reputable and passionate local speakers.

Monday 13 May, 7 – 9pm

Discovering Medieval Deer Park

by Professor Ian Rotherham

Medieval parks are perhaps one of our most tangible connections to a lost landscape and a forgotten way of life. Where they exist in the modern world these are leisurely landscapes visited and enjoyed for pleasure. When they were created nearly a thousand years ago, they were important functional working landscapes. These places were a focus for the medieval manor and village for centuries, and whilst most have been destroyed, their imprints remain in the modern landscape in field-names and place-names. Other areas are present today as parkland, but much altered from their origins. We will explore what parks were and how they came about, and then the surprising history of how they evolved into modern parklands of both urban and rural places.

Prices and Booking

Adult: £7

Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge: £6

Please note we have moved our venue to Manor Oaks House. Please use the car park that is shared with the Rhubarb Shed Cafe at 389 Manor Lane, S2 1UL.