We offer hands on history school workshops covering national curriculum linked subjects The Tudors, Castles, Stone Age and Local History studies. A school trip to Sheffield Manor Lodge is a fun filled day full of practical, immersive learning.

The Stone Age for Key Stage 2

Find out if you can survive the stone age in our hands on and immersive workshop. You’ll tackle shelter building, fire-starting, hunting, cave painting and build a henge before becoming a fully fledged member of your very own stone age tribe.

Set Activities

These activities form our set 3/4 day workshop. 

Timeline Head back in time and see just how long ago the stone age was. 
Tools and Hunting Follow hunting development by identifying flint tools, making your own spear, tracking deer and having a go at archery.
Shelter and fire building Using branches and furs build your own shelter for your tribe and try to light a fire using stone age tools.
Cave painting by candlelight Study pictographs before creating your own by (led) candlelight.
Prehistoric monument Enjoy a team game to roll boulders across the landscape and build a henge.


If you would like to book then please get in touch.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Our site can regularly accommodate 60 pupils. Please get in touch if you wish to bring more.