Maximise your green spaces and biodiversity

Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular way to combat climate change and promote sustainable development. The market has grown due to increasing demands for eco-friendly building solutions and the desire of businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint. They also have the potential of helping to meet the government’s target to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

 Green roofs offer numerous benefits to building owners and the environment:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency – reducing the energy required to heat and cool buildings by providing insulation and reducing the urban heat island effect
  • Improved Air Quality – absorbing pollutants and particulate matter
  • Reduced Stormwater Runoff – absorbing rainwater and reducing the amount of water that flows into storm drains
  • Biodiversity – providing habitat for birds, insects, and other wildlife, to support biodiversity in urban areas
  • Aesthetics – improving the appearance of buildings and providing green space in urban areas.

Start with a green roof turf that contains a diverse range of plant species, rather than a sedum-only matting. Pictorial Meadows™ Botanical Skyline green roof turf is an unrivalled product designed with 27 different perennial flowering species well adapted to rooftop conditions. Using a high diversity of plant species adds floral biodiversity from the get-go. A wide range of pollinators then benefit from the range of different flower types and long extended flowering season, while seedheads and stems provide food and foraging habitat for birds and other wildlife.

Deeper substrate depths help support the widest range of plants, so 80mm to 120mm substrate depth is recommended. Formulated with over 100 plants per square metre, Botanical Skyline turf contains sedums and fine fescue grasses, alongside a huge range of flowering perennials from Mediterranean, coastal, dry meadow and alpine habitats. This uniquely designed plant community is resilient, beautiful, and buzzing with wildlife.

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