Manor Pocket Parks

The Manor Pocket Parks are three small parks created in the first phases of neighbourhood regeneration from 2000 to 2002. They are all owned by Manor and Castle Development Trust and managed by Green Estate on their behalf. Their construction helped to build confidence in the new housing and allowed us to test out new ways of creating and funding local green spaces.

Today they continue to provide good local amenities in our neighbourhood.

Fretson Green

Fretson Green is a small  ‘Pocket Park’ built as part of the redevelopment in the Fairleigh Neighbourhood.

Designed to cater for young families and those seeking a little colour and space Fretson Green has the feeling of a village green with areas of well mown grass for playing and relaxing, flower beds to provide blooms throughout the summer and a playground for our younger visitors.

The playground offers facilities to keep young children busy with a large sandpit, swings, a slide, climbing towers and wall all set in a gated, dog-free space with benches for parents to sit and relax

In 2011  Fretson Green was awarded a Green Flag Award

Windy House Lane Open Space

Windy House Lane is a very small park with a variety of planting and a small, secure play area.

The Wedge Pocket Park

The wedge  is the third  small  ‘Pocket Park’ built again with Section 106 funding from the new housing in the Fairleigh Neighbourhood

Designed to complement Fretson Green it is awaiting a second phase of investment when new housing is finally built on the redevelopment sites around the area.