Place Making still forms a significant way in which we look to deliver our social purpose.

Over the years we have established different models of Stewardship for a number of local sites such as Manor Fields District Park, the Sheffield Manor Lodge site and the Manor Pocket Parks.

We also continued to lobby, support and develop initiatives with many partners that would help to see quality greenspaces and public realm  at the heart of our and many other neighbourhoods.

We are really interested in how an inner city ‘estate’  can be truly productive, how it can be better managed to help to mitigate some of the impacts of climate change, how it can contribute to our future energy, food and waste needs, how joined up green infrastructure can create living landscapes on a regional level and how great spaces can raise aspirations and quality of life for some of the most marginalised societies.

Above all, how local management and an entrepreneurial approach can change our dependency culture, unlock local potential and resources, build social capital and establish really sustainable places to live, work and play in.