Our Stories

Hi!  My name is Joss and I am Farm Officer at Green Estate.
After travelling and volunteering in wildlife rehabilitation centres and Zoos around the world for a year, I returned to the city where I gained my BSc (Hons) in Zoology, Sheffield.  I have worked in a local Wildlife Park and also a famous farm park in the Cotswolds, so when the Farm Officer position became available at Green Estate, I leapt at the opportunity to design and manage Mr Barnes’ Farm. Seeing how important the Farm is, as a meeting place, an educational resource and a safe place to relax and play, encourages me to develop the farm, always, with the needs of the local community in mind.
In my leisure time, I express my creative side through arts and crafts, as well as spreading conservation information about the world’s most illegally trafficked mammal, the Pangolin.