Sheffield Manor Lodge

One of the projects within the original Green Estate programme was to rescue the 14 hectare Sheffield Manor Lodge site from decades of decline and neglect and to see it used in a way that would put the ‘Manor and Castle’ back on the map for positive rather than negative reasons.

The ruins of Sheffield Manor Lodge, once one of the finest Tudor dwellings in the North of England, stands on the hillside overlooking the lower Don Valley. Originally situated in the centre of Sheffield’s Medieval deer park, this was the manor house of the Earls of Shrewsbury, custodians of Mary Queen of Scots, who was imprisoned here.
Whilst much of the original lodge was demolished in the 18th century, the magnificent Tudor Turret House still survives and archeological excavations have exposed a very large collection of artifacts telling the continuous story of the site linked to Sheffield’s industrial development. 

In 2000 a major campaign and fund raising programme started with the intention to acquire all the remaining land and buildings and manage the site in a way that would not only bring these stories back to life but would see Sheffield Manor Lodge continuing to be an important part of Sheffield’s future.

In  2004 the newly constituted  Green Estate Ltd moved onto the site occupying the now demolished masons house and a number of shipping containers as the only usable buildings. Since then many separate conservation, restoration and interpretive projects have taken place Today the  site provides the company with its headquarters right in the heart of the estate. A working base for its  growing enterprises,  an increasing resource for the neighbourhood as well as a visitor and learning destination site for a growing audience.

By 2014 we hope to have completed the last significant part of the original site masterplan thanks to support from many funders and organisations.

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